All About $PINE

PINEapples are what the Trolls eat, live and play with. Learn more about what you can do with $PINE and how to purchase them.

What is $PINE

PINEapples are the favourite fruits of Trollets and is hence the native currency used in the ATrollCity world. $PINE (0xd099990bc62b3caf38f0f20b280bb400f67e92d0), in homage to PINEapples, is a BEP-20 token that is currently trading on the Pancakeswap DEX.


$PINE is used for everything in the game including ✅ Game Entry Fees ✅ Game Winnings ✅ Trading in the ATrollCity Marketplace ✅ Purchase of In-Game Accessories ✅ Minting of NFT Trollets ✅ Purchase of


Holding on to $PINEs will give you the following benefits ⭐️ 3% BUSD Rewards Shared Among All Holders for each transaction on Pancakeswap ⭐️ Intrinsic growth as a deflationary token due to a buy back wallet of 1% for each transaction on Pancakeswap

How to Get $PINE

Play, Stake, Rent, Trade to Earn.

ATrollCity is designed with a PLAYERS FIRST concept from the ground up for a sustained gaming experience. As such we feature a quad-earn model for you to earn $PINE by 🍍Playing ATrollCity Games 🍍Staking NFTs and $PINE (Coming soon) 🍍Renting NFT Avatar 🍍Trading NFT Avatar in the ATrollCity Marketplace

Buying Off Pancakeswap

$PINE can be bought / swapped at BSC's premier DEX Pancakeswap. Click the following link to start swapping at Pancakeswap. Swap $PINE at Pancakeswap