Story and Characters

The Trollets have been living in peace within the dark world of Zandallr. Segregated for years until a rift opened up, engulfing all the trollets and teleporting them into the metaverse. Confused at what had just happened the trollets formed tribes following their great leaders and travelled to explore the darkest ridges of the metaverse.

One faithful day a bright flash streaked across the skies and something deep in their souls knew that something was going to happen. Warriors of the tribes had to heed the call of the awakening and ascend to the highest echelons of their tribe to bring back honor once again and take home the title of the most powerful trollet in all the land. The trollets travelled across the harsh lands to fulfil their prophecy of taking part in the Awakening a sacred ritual that happens once every full cycle of the Mayan Sacred Round where the factions of water, fire and earth will bring their finest warriors meet at the ancient site of the oracle, the sacred knoll. 

 The warriors arrived on that 216th day; the pirates of waterborne (water tribe), flame-wielders of pyro (fire tribe) and the Warriors earth (earth tribe) gathered around the sacred knoll. Waiting for the oracle to appear to bless the games of the new tzolk’in. But in their dismay they arrived at the lifeless body of their once great oracle. Shocked at such an abomination. Accusations and rumours soon surfaced and sparked a war on grounds that soon be renamed as “death’s knoll”.

 The games had taken on a savage turn with battles to the death where the winner takes all and losers will barely escape with the skin on their backs. 
Which faction will rule supreme in the Awakening and gain back glory? Only you can control their fate! 

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