Introducing the mighty Trollets army.

What are Trollets?

What is the fun with a game full of Generals without their armies?

Trollets are your faithful pack of restless, adorable followers that idolizes the player and are the main participants of the games.

Trollets cannot be killed in battle because they are too cute. Trollets are very naughty also.

Minting Trollets

Trollets are minted from Trollet packs which randomly drops 5x Trollets to your War Deck. Trollet packs are bought from the Marketplace with $PINE.

Trollet Types

Trollets can belong to any of the 3 elements Water, Fire and Earth.

Every Trollet is hatched with one of 7 distinct sinful personalities. The 7 sins are namely Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony and Wrath.

The table below depicts the rarity, elements, personality and power-up advantage of the Trollets. There are 3 (elements) X 7 (sins) making a total of 21 distinct Trollets type.

Levelling Up (Coming Soon)

Trollets can be levelled up by merging 2 similar Trollets together. This feature is not available yet and coming soon.

Trollets Planning is Important

Trollets are the main participants of the games. Selecting Trollets with the right skills or elements will make it easier for the player to win. In general,

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