Trade, Rent, Stake

The MARKETPLACE is where players mint and trade Avatars and Trollets. Players can put their Avatars and Trollets up for sale here for other players to buy. You can also mint Avatar and Trollets at the MARKETPLACE.

The SHARE Pods (Rent)

The SHARE Pods are isolation chambers where your Avatars get hooked up to the ATrollCity "Matrix". When hooked up players will be able to RENT out their Avatars to other players at a price they define. The avatars will still belong to the original owners. However, the powers and all their enhancement will be on loan to the person renting it helping him/her win the battles with higher odds!

The PROMISE Altar (Stake)

The Promise Altar is where players stake their Avatars and promising not to trade them for a specified period of times for rewards.

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