Collectibles NFTs

Find out more about the available NFTs and what you can do with it in the ATrollCity Metaverse.


Avatars are representations of the players in ATrollCity and are limited in quantity making it scarce for price appreciation. The core of an Avatar is that it gives an elemental advantage via modifier bonuses to make it a little easier to win games. Avatars can only be minted and traded in the Marketplace.

NFT Tokenomics

For Minting - 15% of each minting transaction is taken out for good things

  • 5% Reflection Reflected to Existing NFT Holders

  • 7% Buy Back & Burn Buyback and Burn Pool to $PINES to increase price

  • 3% Liquidity Pool Add to LP for long term price stability

For Trading -

  • 3% Original Maker Fee Per Trade (LIFETIME) As a reward for a player's early investment, every time an NFT is being sold (even if the player is not the owner anymore) – the player will get 3% maker’s fee for being the first minter of the NFT Avatar

  • 2% Marketplace Tax Any transaction that takes place on the ATrollCity Marketplace is subjected to 2% fees.


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