Learn about the History of the Elements

The Tribe of Water

The pirates of Waterborne, also known as the Water tribe descended from the dark world of Zandallr, hardened sailors from the harshest elements and the squalls at sea they are the most feared of the Earth tribe. Legend has it that Ivar the original Water caster formed the Water realm by flooding lands owned by the earth tribe when he descended from Zandallr. The pirates of the waterborn rely on their advanced technology that strikes fear in the hearts of those that come in their way.

The Tribe of Fire

Flames burn deep and bright with the flame-wielders of pyroh also known as the fire tribe. The great leader; Tallor, abandoned by the earth tribe during an exploration mission to the lands of Water, learnt spells of fire to stay alive in the harsh desert conditions. Their skins burnt, ravaged and marked by the betrayal of the earth tribe. They are trained spellcasters and assassins that are able to incant giant towers of flames engulfing their enemies in seconds without their enemies even knowing.

The Tribe of Earth

The Warriors of Earth also known as the earth tribe, explorers and feared conquerors of lands. Led by the great leader Salzarta they explore, plunder and pillage to expand their tribe’s dominance. The most barbaric of the tribes focus on pure brute strength, striking fear with the sound of their armies marching from miles away like the roaring thunder, taking in mercenaries as slaves to build their earth army and slaying everyone else in their way.

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