Introducing the 3D NFT Avatars; An extension of the Player in the Metaverse

What are Avatars?

Avatars are representations of the players in ATrollCity and are limited in quantity making it scarce for price appreciation. The core of an Avatar is that it gives an elemental advantage via modifier bonuses to make it a little easier to win games. Avatars can only be minted and traded in the Marketplace.

What can I Do with

Avatars can be SOLD, TRADED and RENTED

Minting of 3D NFT Avatars

The Avatar can be minted in the marketplace. The draw rates are as follows:

COMMON Avatars Chance to Hatch: 70% Single Element

RARE Avatars Chance to Hatch: 20% Dual Element

EPIC Avatar Chance to Hatch: 7.45% Triple Element

LEGENDARY Avatars Chance to Hatch: 2.5% Quad Element

MYSTICAL Avatars - Not seen yet! Chance to Hatch: 0.05% Penta Element

Can I Play Without An Avatar?

Yes - You would be able to play without minting an Avatar. An in-game non-unique Avatar with no elemental advantages or perks will be representing you in the game if you have not minted an Avatar.

Renting an Avatar

Players can look for Avatar to be rented in the SHARE Pods for a fraction of the price of a mint or trade while enjoying the full benefits of the Avatar during the Avatar's time with you.

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